May 24, 2009

A Trojan Affair at the Monteray Hills Steakhouse

What a way to start off Memorial weekend with "Carl & Anna" at Monteray Hills Steakhouse. It was such privilege and pleasure to provide lighting, dj & av services for this fun, loving & down to earth couple.

We started off the reception with a bang with the USC marching band. On the side note, Carl and Anna met while they were on the band.....and their relationship sparkled over a Rose Bowl

For music, I played a collection of Hawaiian music (Hawaiian music = a blend of reggae and soft pop), Jason Mraz, Jack Johnson and some oldies. Their first dance was to the fun-loving Michael Buble's "Everything". Yes, at Anna's family request, I played alot and I mean alot of disco & funk............everything from the hustle to kung fu

For lighting, we used some pinlighting, uplights & gobo.

It is down to earth couple like "Carl and Anna" that makes you want to go above and beyond in every sense. Carl & Anna, thank you so much for having us part of your big date........we wish you the best with everything...

A big thanks to my friend/photographer Henry Wang, for providing us the images and referring us this awesome gig.

May 21, 2009

Glamour at the Daimond Bar Civic Center, Diamond Bar

I had a chance to provide both lighting and dj services for Long & Catherine at Diamond Bar Civic Center early this year. It was a medium size wedding with about 280 people. A big thanks to my friend, Kim, for mcing and infusing the night with good Vietnamese music.

In terms of music, a good collection of Frank Sinatra, Norah Jones and many soft music for her diverse crowd.
For lighting, we used a collection of gobos, pinlighting, LED uplights.

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May 14, 2009

Sisterly love at the Huntington Beach Hyatt Wedding Event

The weather can always be unpredictable from the month of December to March. In Christine and Sonny's case, it felt like Summer in February. The weather was incredible and the view of the Pacific Ocean was awesome.

I first met Chris and Sonny last September. In our initial meeting, you can sense the tremendous sheer joy and enthusiasm from Christine. Sonny on the other hand, like most grooms, had some logistic concerns and trepidation....totally understandable. That's how I felt leading up to my We were very privileged to provide a combination of dj, lighting & av services for this fun loving couple.

It was a small intimate gathering of good friends, colleagues and family. For music, a lot of Jason Mraz, John Mayer, Jack Johnson and a few old school Asian songs. Their first dance was to Seal's soulful "stand by me". ......1/2 way thru the wedding, Christine's grandpa, an Asian clone of the guitarist from ZZ Top with the beard, decide to drop an acapella on everyone....he rocked it.

For lighting, we used a combination of LED, Regular, pinlighting & Gobo for the room. You can probably see the distinct contrast between a wedding there without lights and Christine & Sonny's wedding with some lights.

One thing that I will always remember about this wedding, is the sheer love, the joy, the closeness and the affection of Christine and her 7 0r 8 sisters. It was like 7 or 8, I don't remember exactly but I did quickly introduced all of them during the family introduction. And trust me, all 7 or 8 these lovely ladies had such transparent

Sonny & Christine, we wish you the best and thank you so much for having us part of your beautiful evening.

A big thanks to my friends Desi and Connie for the beautiful pictures.

May 13, 2009

San Gabrielino Hilton for one night

There are few moments in life that totally blows you away or just somehow embeds in the back of your membrane. For me, there are as listed:
  • The summer of 89', seeing Cape Town from the top of Table Mountain.
  • Having a few brews with my senior high school buddies and geography teacher (Mr Anderson) before matriculation.
  • Driving from Rhode Island to LA in 5 days to see about a girl.
  • Seeing Aaron Bonne hit that homerun off the Sox to advance to the world series at Yankee Stadium.....I'm sure the entire Red Sox Nation were like "Bucky F#%*$king Dent deja vu"

My friends would probably say, what you about to say is a cliche and you probably say it all the time.....I will still say it. The bride, Karina, was undoubtedly one of the most beautiful brides I've ever seen in my lifetime. Her incredible dress, her hair, her flair and such the groom is one lucky guy.

On a different note, what a wedding:

  • A 16 piece band with about 8 speakers
  • A DJ that brought enough speakers to power a concert
  • A Mariachi Band
  • More than 30 LED uplights (We did our part but pale in comparison to her other vendors)
  • Name Gobo Projection
  • Over 300 Chivari chairs
  • Absolutely beautiful Manzaniti trees

Deja vu at San Gabriel Hilton

Back to back lighting event at the San Gabriel Hilton to end & start the year. San Gabriel Hilton feels like second home to me. Big thanks to Eliza, Patsy & Julie of San Gabriel Hilton catering department for always being so flexible & accommendating.

For Nancy & Edward, we used a combination of LED, regular uplights, foilage and pinlighting. I tried to match the color of her lights with the overall appearance of her delicate flowers. Some of the dilemmas Asian brides encounter is the lack of creative resource to encoprate their Asian heritage into their Asian-American weddings. I've always been a proponent of using some sort ethnic touch to reflect one's ethnic culture. Unfortunately, we are so pale in comparison to my Indian clienteles.

In Nancy & Edward's particular case, we use a more contemporary double happiness character with the motif to offset any inherent Chineseness....(not sure if that is a word). Furthermore, we omitted the date, just in case they decide to have anther reception in Hong Kong, Taiwan or wherever.

BTW, this is the poster picture for the SG Hilton now....thanks to the guys at Furious Photography. Furthermore, this wedding also felt like a reunion, seeing many of my vendor friends: Joe Rosenberger of TTD weddings, MC Miles & Doug of Furious photography.

Nancy & Ed, thanks you so much for having us part of your big date and the profound trust you embedded in me with your wedding.

For Nina & Derek's wedding, we used a combination regular uplights, foilage and pinlighting for every table. As you can probably notice, the design of her gobo and Nancy's gobo are identical...

Nina and Derek wanted an elegant and sophisticated look to her ballroom. We used pale gold uplights to compliment her flowers and chocolate color linens. A touch of hot pink foilage to add color to her room.

Big thanks to Eva of redvelvet occasions for referring us this gig
Big thanks to both Jason Tran & Natalie Williams for the images

All the president's men (Occidental College Wedding)

Few weeks after the inauguration. We had the privilege of doing a grand lighting event for "Jean & Austin" at Occidental College...AKA: Oxy College. This small liberal college is tucked away in Eagle Rock, between Glendale and Pasadena. Oxy came to the public's attention because the current president spent a couple of years there as an undergrad.

This location reminds me alot of all the liberal art colleges you would find along the northeast coast (For those that don't know me, I hail from the east coast). Very similar structure and interior to that of Haverford, Vanillova, Amherst, Seton Hall & Smith.

For this event, we used a combination of LED uplights and Pinlighting. LEDs to wash the walls and pinlighting for all the centerpieces.

In retrospect, all the groomsmen were wearing black suits, black ties and black shoes....synonymous with the entourage you would find around the president.

  • Once again, a big thanks to ladies at Fluertica for referring us this awesome gig
  • Big thanks to Serena Grace for providing us the images
If you are interested in booking us for your next event. Please contact us @818-720-1709

A Hotel Casa Del Mar Wedding Event

Hotel Casa Del Mar.....what can you say about about this location: art decor, intimate, cozy, on the beach and stunning location.

This was our first time working at Hotel Casa Del Mar and I have to is everything you want for a small intimate wedding.

For this wedding, Jennifer & Gayani, had us provide decor lighting and av services. For lighting, we used LED uplights in lagoon blue for the perimeters of the room. We lid every table's centerpiece using pinlights. To add touch to the dancefloor, we used a couple of foliage effects.

The one thing all vendors enjoy hearing and seeing, are the wows and the smiles on the customers' faces....I am very grateful and stoked that we had the opportunity to do our part.

Last note, the band, South Coast Rhythm.....was an absolute blast..brought the house down literary.

  • A big thanks to the ladies at Fleuretica for referring us this awesome gig
  • Pictures provided by the talented Linda Lewis

If you are interested in booking us for your next event. Please contact us @818-720-1709

May 12, 2009

An ethnic event second to none

I had a chance to provide lighting for Sid and Nera's Sangeet at LA Natural History Museum, across from the USC Campus. Wow, my bad for not anticipating the sheer pagentry and the flair of the performances associated with a Sangeet....For those of you not familiar with a "Sangeet".

A "Sangeet" is an event in a Hindu or Sikh wedding culture. In which it takes place 2 or 3 days before the wedding in a banquet hall or at home. During this event, ladies & men will sing traditional Indian songs, and joke around with guests. This event is also like a dinner and dance, because there is a lot of dancing and lots of food! The Sangeet is a good natured ribbing of the couples in-law.

I guess the term I use ubiquitously, "Go big or Go home", really applied was it a big festive event.

  • Big thanks to Brett for the trailer

Turnip Rose, Costa Mesa wedding: Spring is in the air

Turnip Rose in Costa Mesa is undoubtly one the best locations We've ever worked at...A Spanish Tusacany tucked away off the 55 freeway in Newport.

A big thanks to Vincent & Sharon for having us part of their big date. My staff and I emceed and provided decor lighting for this awesome couple and location.

This was without a doubt one of my favorite events....beautiful flowers, vibrant people, awesome food, awesome location, photo booth, open bar and giant strawberries injected with Amaretto/Grand Marnier/Kahula and the impeccable service was unfathomed.

A Pasadena Hilton Wedding

Finally caved...after so many pictures and videos. I've decided, that it is best to document all the awesome stories, the awesome places & the awesome people that I've met over this incredible wedding/event business journey.

This will be the first piece of a series of writing since rhetoric 101, back in my sophomore year, at a small college back in Jersey (The College of New Jersey)

Wow, writing this first piece reminds me of my first date, first kiss, first of everything...So many random thoughts and mental flashes going through my head... Excuse my lack of poignancy & poetic expressions.....never was much a writer.

We started off May with a small intimate wedding at Pasadena Hilton Hotel. We had an opportunity to provide dj, lighting & av services for "Jackie & Wilbur". What a charming and sassy couple. They danced to Frank Vanilie's "Can't take my eyes off you" for their first dance.

Rest of the evening was filled with many oldies but goodies: Frank Sinatra, Michael Buble and Tony Bennet. It felt a night out at Little Italy....except, couldn't get my hands on any canolis or ya, I did play Amore if you were wondering....and "the moon that night, was the size of a pizza pie......that's amore".... lol

For lighting, we used a combination of uplights and gobo.

  • Pictures courtesy of Art of wedding64
  • A big thanks to the Shalom of Pasadena Hilton for their hospitable service