Jul 30, 2009

Wedding Ceremony Setup at Universal Studio Hilton

We provide wedding ceremony sound or pa set with either our dj or lighting packages. The ceremony setup range from $150 - $250 depending on the size of your function & # of mics required. Some hotels already include it in their ceremony rental setup. Please consult with your location if it is needed

  • $150 for 30 - 75 people (1 speaker, 1 wireless mic, string quartet music & AV Tech)
  • $195 for 100 - 275 people (2 speakers, 2 wireless mics, string quartet music & AV Tech)
  • These prices are for ceremony locations on the same premise as of the Reception
  • If ceremony & reception is at different locations, please add an additional $100 for traveling, if timing is feasible..
  • $25 for an additional mic. We carry both Wireless Handheld & Lapel Mics
This particular trailer is a medium size ceremony at Universal Hilton's Sierra Garden. They had about 125 people, we provided string quartet music, 2 speakers & 1 mic. We generally start the music about 1/2 hour before the ceremony to set the mood

Trailer courtesy of Ben Cheng of BSC Productions at 818-667-8618

A Newport Beach Marriott Wedding, Newport Beach

It was my first time back at Newport Beach Marriott since the 2006 renovation. What kind can say, a beautiful contemporary hotel with an ocean view. On top of everything, we had the privilege of providing dj, lighting & av services for a really down to earth and loving couple, "Mike & Jean".

It was my first time doing a wedding ceremony with an encorporated "Sake Ceremony". Having seen and narrated many "Tea Ceremonies", The Sake Ceremony was an intriguing and cultural insightful experience. It's a tradition dating back to the Edo and Shogun period of Japan.....watching Shogun as a kid did help...hehe. The bride and groom each did 3 "Sake Bombs".....no no no, I'm just kidding. The bride and groom sip the sake 3 times from 3 cups, since 3 is an indivisible number.

For music, their first dance was to, Louis Armstrong's, " What a wonderful world". The bride's father graced us with a few performances and the rest of the night was filled with some old school hip hop and 80's...oh ya, I think played about 5 MJ songs and it seemed like the bridesmaids had pre-choreographed dances to it......some minor glitches on my part.....stay away from the "Open Bar"....luckly I had Han to drive in case I couldn't make it....hehe

For lighting, we pinlighted the head floral piece and the cake. Uplighted the room in Pale Amber Gold & projected their name on the wall. We wish Jean and Mike the very best and hope to see them in the near future.


Jul 28, 2009

A Rare Lighting Event at Capital Seafood Resturant , Monteray Park

We had the privilege of providing both decor lighting & dj services for "Stephanie & David" at Capital Seafood Restaurant in Monteray Park. It was my second time doing lighting there and one of the few times we've ever done lighting at a restaurant. The other 3 restaurants that we've done lighting at: Mission 261, Prince Seafood & Cicada Restaurant. Just professional speaking, most restaurants unlike hotels, do not offer the privacy or the power capacity to handle the high Power-Amp demand . That is something, we need to pre-scout the location before agreeing to take on the gig

For this particular wedding, we did their name projection, couple of foilage effects on the dance floor and 2 follow spotlights.

For the dj part, I realize that doing a big restaurant can be a challenge when it comes to the audio part because of the compactness of the location and the low ceiling, We end bring 5 speakers to achieve surround sound even that still was hard because of the lack of real estate....

Credit goes to the bride, Stephanie, for transforming the location into an incredible and romantic venue with a combination of stylish fabric, floral arrangements, decor lighting, open bar & photo booth.

We wish this couple the best with everything =)


Jul 21, 2009

2009 - 2010 AV & Lighting Upgrade

As of October 2009, we are upgrading our all wedding projectors from 1600 Lumens to 2300 Lumens. Our projection package is $225 with either our DJ or Lighting Package. The projection package will include:
  • A 2300 Lumens Projector
  • Screen (Either 6' by 6' or 8' by 8')
  • DVD Player
  • All Cables
  • Please provide your slide show on a "DVD".....avoid using powerpoint or Laptop.
In terms of Gobo projection, we've upgrade some all our lenses to Enhanced Definition Lens Tube "EDLT" since March of this year. As of August 2009, We've made the complete transition to "EDLT" lenses for all the name projection for the highest level of clarity.

We strive to provide our customers with the highest caliber of industry equipment & customer services at competitive pricing. We thank you all for your business and If you have any questions or suggestions, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Regards, Jack K Hou
Primary DJ/Lighting Designer
Facebook: Jack K Hou

Jul 8, 2009

A Fairy Tale at Newport Fairmont Hotel

We started off the July 4th weekend with a Friday wedding at Newport Fairmont Hotel. Alice and Allen had a small intimate outdoor wedding at Fairmont's Bamboo Garden. For this particular wedding, we provided dj & lighting services.

We didn't use too much uplights for this wedding since there were already many strings of bubble lighting suspended above the courtyard. We pinlighted the cake, their sweetheart table and projected their name. A well blend of fabric, chivari chairs, lanterns, lights and furniture to compliment their contemporary and intimate courtyard.

For music, just low key mellow music and threw in a few Chinese songs to appease some of the older folks. Their first dance was to Sade's "By your side" & Mother-Son & Grandmom-Son was to Boys to Men's "A song for Mama".

This wedding felt like a reunion with all the vendor-friends, On top of everything, Allen and Alice treated all their vendors to exactly what their guests had for dinner and they constantly encouraged us to help ourselves with the drinks and food....It is their incredible hospitality that made all their vendors go above and beyond. We wish them the best and can't wait to see them at their friend's wedding in December.


See your guys at Melody's wedding next month and enjoy the summer.....