Aug 29, 2010

An intimate affair @ Santa Monica's Loews Hotel

We finished August with a beautiful and intimate wedding at Loews Hotel Santa Monica. It was an absolute pleasure to dj and light up Felix & Esther's wedding. This wedding was also a sort of reunion with couple of my previous bridal clients that are also in the wedding business too.

Esther & Felix booked me from Florida. Everything was via emails, met once briefly b4 the wedding. Other than that, everything went really smooth on the wedding day. Big thanks to Helen of Moment like this for coordinating the event.

Image provided by Matt & Kevin of Verve Creative.

Aug 27, 2010

A Hat-Trick Costal Weekend@ Shutters on the Beach, Marina del Ray Marriott & Newport Beach

Last Saturday, we did 3 weddings all along the Pacific Coast. We did Shutters on the Beach in Santa Monica, Marina del Rey Marriott & Turnip Rose in Newport Beach.

Incredible phenomenon weather coupled with awesome bridal couples. For Laura and Micheal's Shutters Wedding, we lid up all the stunning centerpieces and wash the perimeter of the room with led wash lights.

A big thanks to Kelsey of Kelsey Events for coordinating this beautiful event. These images were taken from Eric J Cotter's blog. Please visit his blog for more to this beautiful wedding.

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Aug 24, 2010

Lounge Feel @ A Marina del Rey Marriott Wedding

We did a club and lounge lighting decor at Marina del Rey Marriott for JD & Louis' wedding. A big thanks to Linda of LV Floral for the event. The penthouse ballroom was on the 12th floor, aka, helicopter pad.

We lid up the room with complete LED lighting, some funky patterns & pinlighted all the floral arrangements. This was without a doubt, one of the sickest club settings we've done...even their MC wants to hire us for his upcoming wedding......really flattered.

Thanks to my crew: Vinh, Alex and Calvin for the dedication over the super hot weekend.

We wish JD & Louis the best. BTW, the image was taken from lin and jirsa's blog

Enjoy the clip

Aug 23, 2010

Annual Prilgrimage to Turmip Rose Costa Mesa, Newport Beach

We made our annual pilgrimage to Turnip Rose Costa Mesa, Newport Beach last weekend. Like anything good in life, consume or use it moderately and not in excess.....

Turnip Rose with other few unique architecture locations are places we don't frequent often, probably once a year. And the one time we are there, we absolutely enjoy our experience. The other unique architecture locations we visit annually but not often include: For Betty & Charlie's wedding. We provided dj sound & lighting services. We lid up the room in peach lighting. Enjoy clip:

For Yolanda & Victor's 2009 August wedding. We hooked up with complete dj sound for both reception and ceremony. We lid up the room using LED wash lights. (2nd Clip, courtesy of Joe of TTDs Wedding). Enjoy clip:

Victor and Yolanda Wedding Highlights at The Turnip Rose from Today's The Day Weddings on Vimeojavascript:void(0).

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AA @Hyatt Hotel Newport Beach

A beautiful event @Newport Beach Hyatt

Alex & Anna's Wedding Finale from Nathan Prince on Vimeo.

Aug 21, 2010

A Vintage Look @Summit House Wedding, Fullerton

We kicked off our weekend with a Friday night event @ Summit House Restaurant in Fullerton. I love this place. If the staff don't treat me to an awesome prime rib cut, I would at least get the Prime Rib Sandwich....and then to wash it down with a icey glass of Newcastle Ale...

For this 22 table wedding, we did a vintage moss green and magenta look to her reception room. Lid her room with 30 something LED uplights, multiple pinlights & multiple gobo patterns spread around the room and courtyard.

A big thanks to Lizette and Jesse for having us part of their big date. We wish them the best .

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Aug 17, 2010

Mode 101 @Pasadena Hilton Hotel Wedding

Everytime when I do a wedding around Pasadena and when the bride or groom has Depeche Mode's Just Can't Get Enough on their playlist. It makes me reminisce of that big concert Depeche Mode had at the Rose Bowl, Pasadena, about 20 years ago...I remember watching David Gahan on DVD would say, "Good Evening Pasadena" to about 100,000 fans......

For this wedding at Pasadena Hilton, We provided them with dj, lighting & av services. A big thanks to MC Sophia for mcing the event. For the decor lighting, we did a comb of amber & pink uplights. Very simple setup. For music, I spinned a comb of top 40s and quite of bit of 80s music with OMD, Aha, Depeche Mode & New Order....

A big thanks to Nam & his crew of Modern LA Wedding for coordinating this beautiful event.

We wish Vinh & Rosie the best...

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Aug 13, 2010

A Langham Pasadena Wedding in the Georgian Room

We've done a quite a few number of events at the Langham Hotel Pasadena the past 12 months. The Georgian Ballroom in particular, brings a soft spot in my heart because I recall doing the last last wedding on a Sunday night in the Georgian Ballroom when it was still the Ritz Carlton Pasadena back in early 2008.

It was an absolute privilege providing Sean and Andrea a simple lighting setup.
I believe the color that we were going for was eggplant.....not sure if that is politically correct....hehe. I don't recall all the specifics because the wedding was last year. For this intimate wedding, we double pinned all the centerpieces and wash the perimeter of the room with egg-plant color uplights.

A big thanks to Ms
Isabel Gonzalez for providing me this poignant clip. Please visit her site for her beautiful work. A big thanks to Ms. Katie Tiffany for planning this beautiful event.

Aug 7, 2010

Lighting Up a Beautiful Wedding @Pasadena Westin Hotel

Did a very elegant pinkish wedding at Pasadena Westin. We pinlighted everything, complete gobo pattern wash the whole room and a nice monogram on the dancefloor.

A big thanks to Shalom at the Westin for facilitating this event flawlessly.

If you are interested in booking us for your next event. We welcome your ideas and suggestions. Please contact us @818-720-1709

Enjoy the clip & image was taken from Wayne Toshikazu's blog.

Aug 1, 2010

Finishing off July @ Huntington Beach Hyatt (HB Hyatt)

We finished off July with a beautiful wedding at Huntington Beach Hyatt. This was our 3rd time back at HB's Huntington Ballroom this year. For this wedding, we mced, djed and provided complete lighting decor for Eileen and Braxton. Eileen and Braxton booked us from the whole planning process was via emails and phone calls.

For the lighting, we pinlighted all the centerpieces front and back. We used a combination of peach & Turoquise color LED uplights. Rocked the dance floor for about 2 hours.

A big thanks to the ladies of Burgundy Event Services for planning this beautiful event..If you are interested in booking us for your next event. Please contact us @818-720-1709