Feb 25, 2010

Oooo.......at the Pacific Palms Resort

"Oooo....you beautiful", Snoop. I had the absolute pleasure of doing the Obado's wedding early this year. That is Obado, not Obama....hehehe

I've met so many couples over the years but no one exhorted the type of chemistry like "K & B". Their genuine laugh and sheer joy was so contagious and an absolute pleasure to be around.

A big thanks to my MC friend, Sophia for helping me out and also a big thanks to my lighting/av crew for setting up the room so quickly and flawlessly. Instead of using uplights, we gave the room a more art decor feel. Plus, it was more economical....hehe

We wish K & B nothing but the best. Lastly, a big thanks to Henry Wang, for providing me with these awesome shots. Please check out his blog for more on this wedding: www.mrhenrywang.com

Feb 17, 2010

Another Colorful Night at the Hilton Hotel San Gabriel

Another colorful night at the San Gabriel Hilton Hotel. Michael and Paula got married on one of the most popular dates of 2009, October 03

We gave them our trade mark package. We LED everything...We wish them the best and enjoy the video. We welcome your comments and suggestions...=)

For more pictures and story to this event. Please visit Sarah K Chen's Blog: http://sarahkchen.net/?p=775

Paula + Michael from Shu Media / Onyx Cinema on Vimeo.

Feb 11, 2010

A Pelican Hill Resort Wedding, Newport Beach

I had the privilege of doing Anne and Drew's wedding last year at Pelican Hill Resort in Newport Beach. This was our first time working at the Resort at Pelican Hill and without a doubt, it was one of the most beautiful locations we've worked at. The sheer scale, the ocean breeze and the panoramic view....simply blows you away.

This was also my second time working with a bridal couple from abroad. I believe the couple was based in Hong Kong or China. So everything was done through email. First time we met was at the actual wedding.....hehehe

The bride, Anne wanted a pale-goldish look to her. We fill the room with goldish lights and pinlighted all her centerpieces.

We wish the couple the best with everything. I would also like to thank Stephanie of Exquisite Event for coordinating this stunning event.

Feb 3, 2010

Level Up in Pasadena

Last night, I was invited and helped out with the lighting/power for my friends: Desi, Theresa, the ladies of Fleuretica and many other awesome wedding vendors in the same building! It was called Level Up.

It is always nice to meetup with old friends and mingle with new people. The night was filled great food, music and great conversations....I believe about 300 people turned up for the event

I want to congratulate these awesome wedding pros and wish them the best with everything.....

Desi Baytan Photography http://desibaytan.com
Muse Make-up Artistry http://www.musemakeupartistry.com

Level Up in Pasadena from Charles Lauren Films on Vimeo.

Feb 1, 2010

Event Lighting for First Time Brides & Grooms

2010 is in full swing for us. We've done and will be doing some great locations. On the same token, some of my brides are baffled and bewildered by my quotes...

These are some of the pictures we've received from you.......and to archive something like this... you are easily looking into the $2.5K - $4K Range. These images were found on MDS Images.

To get any of these 4 looks, we will easily use up to 100 units of lights, numerous trusses, rigging, tons of cable and programming software. These are not simple lighting like many of my previous events. These lighting events require extensive amount of design time and collaboration with your florist and event designers.

On the contrary, the 3 pictures below are lighting events we've done in the past. You can probably see the difference in terms of intricacy and detail compared the 4 above pictures. These type of lighting events are generally in the $1K - $2K Range. Most all these events required no collaboration with your florists or fabric personnel..Put it in plain simple "English". The pictures above are Event Lighting 303 and the pictures below are Event Lighting 101.....

How we charge for Decor Lighting for your event
  • Amount of Equipment utilized
  • Complexity of the event
  • Amount of Design Time..using Cad and Mockups
  • Programming Intelligent Lights
  • Time spend with your florist, fabric and event designer
  • Amount of time in consultation with you
  • Delivery (Labor) and strike time