Apr 28, 2010

A Wedding Union at the Union Station Los Angeles

I was hired by Gwen after a few emails. She indicated to me that she wanted an art decor feel to her wedding reception hall at LA's Union Station. This was my first time working there and I had no idea of how grand and the sheer size of this place until we did our first walkthru like a month before her wedding. Funny thing, the interior of this place reminded me a lot of Union Station New York. I literally lived in NYs Union Station from having to commute from Jersey to Connecticut on a weekly basis back in my college days.

A big thank to Justin of Huntington Catering for the logistic help. All these pictures were taken from Stephanie Williams' blog. For complete story, please see her blog.

We wish Gwen and David the best. Stay tune for the Bollywood wedding at the Marina Del Rey Marriott. Enjoy the pictures and we welcome your suggestions.

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Apr 21, 2010

"To light or not to light at the Black Gold Golf Club, Yorba Linda"!

Recently, we did 2 weddings at the Black Gold Golf Club at Yorba Linda. Both events were relatively small and intimate. A big thanks to Julie Spencer at Black Gold Golf Club for the awesome food and great service. I always enjoy coming back to this place...=) For the October 2009 wedding, we did the event without any Decor Lighting, see the pictures below:

On the contrary, for Jennifer and Matt's April wedding, we lid up the room with average amount of decor lighting. As you can see, what a transformation...A big thanks to Herman Au for these stunning and colorful shoots. Please see his blog for more to this fun wedding. For this wedding, We used a simple double happiness, filled the room with changing LED flood lights and few pinlights.

Oh Sh#$, is that me to the left having a beer?...its all good...
had a chance to see some old friends and will be at another future event with this awesome couple.

We wish Jennifer and Matt the best and see you guys at Diane's wedding..=)

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Apr 18, 2010

The simplicity of a double happiness: A Pasadena Sheraton Wedding

We've done a number of weddings recently with a simple "Double Happiness Projection" used on the background instead of a backdrop. For this small intimate wedding at Sheraton Pasadena, we washed the walls with a combination Deep Blue and Magenta flood lights.

Thanks to Tauran for these stunning images and all the best to Judy & Jason. Stayed tuned for the next Double Happiness event at the Black Gold Golf Club.

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Apr 15, 2010

A Friendly Night at the Friendly Hills Country Club in Whittier

Tom and Sarah got married on the popular weekend after Valentines and Chinese New Year. I've realized, never get married on Valentines, everything is soo inflated....lol. This was my second time back at Friendly Hills Country Club in 4 years. I actually never met Tom & Sarah prior to their wedding date. They booked me while planning their wedding from New York. On the same token, their parents saw me at their friend's wedding. So they were little assured and comfortable with everything. All communication was done thru email leading up to the event.

I had a blast at the Friendly Hills CC, awesome friendly staff and the ceremony was by the Golf Tee, a small intimate reception of 100 or so people on the ground level. I don't recall all the music or detail of the wedding....except, the maid of honor serenaded them with a song.

For this wedding, we brought 2 sound setups: one for the ceremony and the main setup for the reception. A big thanks to Eddy of Moi Studio Production for the trailer.

Apr 13, 2010

To light or not to light at the Langham Hotel Pasadena

Recently, we've been doing quite a few of events at Langham Pasadena.

For Theresa and Rad's wedding in Viennesse Room, we lid up the room fairly well. See picture:

Below is a picture I found online of the Vienesse room without any decor lighting.

Apr 9, 2010

Me breaking the ice at the Turnip Rose Costa Mesa...

Me breaking the ice and having some fun at the groom's expense...Lamont and Amy, it was all good..=)

Apr 4, 2010

A Beverly Hills 90210 Wedding, 4 Seasons BH

We had the opportunity to provide Jasmine and Hao with dj, lighting and av services on one of the most popular dates of 2010: January 30. They also got married at one the poshest locations in LA. The Four Seasons at Beverly Hills off Doheny. The weather was incredible that January weekend, it felt like an Indian Summer, considering that it rained like crazy the weekend before and the weekend after.... This was our 3rd time working at the Four Seasons Beverly Hills off Doheny within the last 5 years.

It's amazing how there is 6 degrees of separation in life. I get to the wedding, I find out the groom is the cousin of my wife's good friend. If I knew beforehand, I would have probably given him a break. But on the same token, it is the Four Seasons Beverly Hills....nahaaaaa

The wedding was a small intimate affair with beautiful flowers, minimal amount of lighting, light jazz music and incredible cuisine. For their name projection, they had one of the wildest designs that we came up with.

For this wedding, I had a chance to work with Raymond and Joyce. If you recall, we did their wedding last June. Enjoy the wedding trailer and we welcome your ideas and suggestions.

jasmine * hao | a 90210 wedding from rayjoyce on Vimeo.

Apr 1, 2010

March in a Brief Summary

March came and gone in a blink of an eye. Please enjoy many amateur and unedited pictures I was able to get. We had a chance to do many colorful events at different locations. We made our annual trip to Turnip Rose Newport Beach, Pasadena Westin, and Pasadena Sheraton. We did our first event ever at Union Station. My second time back time at Lindley Scott House in 5 years. And the always home away from home: Pacific Palms Resort.

Will try to get professional pictures down the road and will update with complete stories with many awesome vendors that helped and guided us. Stay tune for other beautiful weddings pictures, including: San Gabriel Hilton and a friend's sister in law's wedding at Castaway Burbank.

Order of Location: Pasadena Westin, Lindley Scott House, Pasadena Sheraton, Union Station, Turnip Rose & Pacific Palms Resort.

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