May 13, 2009

A Hotel Casa Del Mar Wedding Event

Hotel Casa Del Mar.....what can you say about about this location: art decor, intimate, cozy, on the beach and stunning location.

This was our first time working at Hotel Casa Del Mar and I have to is everything you want for a small intimate wedding.

For this wedding, Jennifer & Gayani, had us provide decor lighting and av services. For lighting, we used LED uplights in lagoon blue for the perimeters of the room. We lid every table's centerpiece using pinlights. To add touch to the dancefloor, we used a couple of foliage effects.

The one thing all vendors enjoy hearing and seeing, are the wows and the smiles on the customers' faces....I am very grateful and stoked that we had the opportunity to do our part.

Last note, the band, South Coast Rhythm.....was an absolute blast..brought the house down literary.

  • A big thanks to the ladies at Fleuretica for referring us this awesome gig
  • Pictures provided by the talented Linda Lewis

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