May 12, 2009

A Pasadena Hilton Wedding

Finally caved...after so many pictures and videos. I've decided, that it is best to document all the awesome stories, the awesome places & the awesome people that I've met over this incredible wedding/event business journey.

This will be the first piece of a series of writing since rhetoric 101, back in my sophomore year, at a small college back in Jersey (The College of New Jersey)

Wow, writing this first piece reminds me of my first date, first kiss, first of everything...So many random thoughts and mental flashes going through my head... Excuse my lack of poignancy & poetic expressions.....never was much a writer.

We started off May with a small intimate wedding at Pasadena Hilton Hotel. We had an opportunity to provide dj, lighting & av services for "Jackie & Wilbur". What a charming and sassy couple. They danced to Frank Vanilie's "Can't take my eyes off you" for their first dance.

Rest of the evening was filled with many oldies but goodies: Frank Sinatra, Michael Buble and Tony Bennet. It felt a night out at Little Italy....except, couldn't get my hands on any canolis or ya, I did play Amore if you were wondering....and "the moon that night, was the size of a pizza pie......that's amore".... lol

For lighting, we used a combination of uplights and gobo.

  • Pictures courtesy of Art of wedding64
  • A big thanks to the Shalom of Pasadena Hilton for their hospitable service

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