Nov 19, 2009

2009 In Review: San Gabriel Hilton

2009 came and gone in a blink of an eye. We started off 2009 with a big event at the San Gabriel Hilton for "Nina and Derek". I guess, we will most likely conclude 2009 with another big event at the San Gabriel Hilton for "Linh and Calvin" & "Jaime & Leonard"..........

2009, we did quite a few events at the San Gabriel Hilton Hotel. Some corporate but most were weddings. We are very grateful to our brides, grooms and coordinators for having us part of their big dates. We are also very grateful to the staff at the San Gabriel Hilton for being so accommodating.

In terms of djing and projection, we were able to utilize all sort of equipment to the max. For the one big event, we were able to use 2 projectors and up to 6 speakers for the a guest count of 700 people.

For Decor lighting, we used everything from leds, moving heads, wash lights, name projection, stage lighting and pinlighting.

Enjoy the pictures and if you have any ideas or recommendations, we would be happy to hear from you

Pictures courtesy of:
  • Joe Wu
  • Sam Chan
  • Jason Tran
  • Doug Chan
  • Natalia Williams
Please contact us @818-720-1709 if you are interested in hiring for your next event.


  1. Really Nice Hilton Collection...Keep it up!


  2. Your work is awesome....looking forward to my Hilton Wedding!

    Faustina + Daniel.