May 13, 2009

Deja vu at San Gabriel Hilton

Back to back lighting event at the San Gabriel Hilton to end & start the year. San Gabriel Hilton feels like second home to me. Big thanks to Eliza, Patsy & Julie of San Gabriel Hilton catering department for always being so flexible & accommendating.

For Nancy & Edward, we used a combination of LED, regular uplights, foilage and pinlighting. I tried to match the color of her lights with the overall appearance of her delicate flowers. Some of the dilemmas Asian brides encounter is the lack of creative resource to encoprate their Asian heritage into their Asian-American weddings. I've always been a proponent of using some sort ethnic touch to reflect one's ethnic culture. Unfortunately, we are so pale in comparison to my Indian clienteles.

In Nancy & Edward's particular case, we use a more contemporary double happiness character with the motif to offset any inherent Chineseness....(not sure if that is a word). Furthermore, we omitted the date, just in case they decide to have anther reception in Hong Kong, Taiwan or wherever.

BTW, this is the poster picture for the SG Hilton now....thanks to the guys at Furious Photography. Furthermore, this wedding also felt like a reunion, seeing many of my vendor friends: Joe Rosenberger of TTD weddings, MC Miles & Doug of Furious photography.

Nancy & Ed, thanks you so much for having us part of your big date and the profound trust you embedded in me with your wedding.

For Nina & Derek's wedding, we used a combination regular uplights, foilage and pinlighting for every table. As you can probably notice, the design of her gobo and Nancy's gobo are identical...

Nina and Derek wanted an elegant and sophisticated look to her ballroom. We used pale gold uplights to compliment her flowers and chocolate color linens. A touch of hot pink foilage to add color to her room.

Big thanks to Eva of redvelvet occasions for referring us this gig
Big thanks to both Jason Tran & Natalie Williams for the images

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