May 13, 2009

San Gabrielino Hilton for one night

There are few moments in life that totally blows you away or just somehow embeds in the back of your membrane. For me, there are as listed:
  • The summer of 89', seeing Cape Town from the top of Table Mountain.
  • Having a few brews with my senior high school buddies and geography teacher (Mr Anderson) before matriculation.
  • Driving from Rhode Island to LA in 5 days to see about a girl.
  • Seeing Aaron Bonne hit that homerun off the Sox to advance to the world series at Yankee Stadium.....I'm sure the entire Red Sox Nation were like "Bucky F#%*$king Dent deja vu"

My friends would probably say, what you about to say is a cliche and you probably say it all the time.....I will still say it. The bride, Karina, was undoubtedly one of the most beautiful brides I've ever seen in my lifetime. Her incredible dress, her hair, her flair and such the groom is one lucky guy.

On a different note, what a wedding:

  • A 16 piece band with about 8 speakers
  • A DJ that brought enough speakers to power a concert
  • A Mariachi Band
  • More than 30 LED uplights (We did our part but pale in comparison to her other vendors)
  • Name Gobo Projection
  • Over 300 Chivari chairs
  • Absolutely beautiful Manzaniti trees

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