Sep 21, 2009

The Visual Impact of LED Uplights at Pacific Palms Resort

The Visual Impact of LED Lights....It creates a more dramatic feel for the moment.....

Go Big or Go Home.......hehehe

Trailer Courtesy Eddy of Moi Studio
Wedding Venue: Pacific Palms Resort Colonial Room.
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Sep 17, 2009

A Fusion at Pasadena Westin Hotel Wedding

July and August were the two busiest months for us....Having to do 6 different cultural weddings within a 3 week span: Vietnamese, Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Filipino and an Indian wedding. Each wedding offered us an unique and insightful perspective into the diverse cultures we are blessed to have here in Southern Cal.

Jennifer and Stanley hired us light up their beautiful and art decor ballroom at the Westin Pasadena. We used a combination of LED and Pinlights to light up her ballroom. This wedding had a combination of a Chinese Flair with the Lion Dancers and the tradition Korean Pae Bak ceremony.

We wish Stanley and Jennifer the best with everything.
A big thanks to Meghan Aileen for the stunning shots. If you are interested in booking us for your next event. Please contact us @818-720-1709

Sep 3, 2009

An Elegant Affair at the Beverly Hills Four Seasons

We had the absolute privilege of providing Decor Lighting for Tina and Chris at Beverly Hills Four Seasons. I cannot give a personal account of the event because my crew provided the setup while I was down at San Clemente Cottage for another intimate wedding.

For this wedding, The bride, Tina, wanted an elegant Amber feel to compliment her majestic ballroom. We just pinlighted her head floral piece......we did not know or were informed that she would have so many floral arrangements on her stage....It would have been nice if we were able to light up all those floral arrangements. So those are the little details that you , future brides, need to tell us we can light up everything...=)...You are already spending the make sure everything is accounted for.

A big thanks to Cherry of SCA Brides for Referring us this couple.

Amateur Pictures provided by guest

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Sep 1, 2009

A wedding with a view: Marina Del Ray Marriott

We had the absolute pleasure of providing both lighting and dj services over the weekend for Tommy & Wendy. In a week dominated by brush fires in the LA area....Tommy and Wendy's wedding at Marina Del Ray Marriott's 10th floor offered a panorama view of the awesome but vulnerable landscapes we have here in the LA area.....

Facing north, you have the raging fire in San Gabriel Valley. Facing south, you have the Pacific Ocean and its surrounding marinas. We wish Tommy & Wendy with everything......


Pictures courtesy of Rodolfo