Apr 4, 2010

A Beverly Hills 90210 Wedding, 4 Seasons BH

We had the opportunity to provide Jasmine and Hao with dj, lighting and av services on one of the most popular dates of 2010: January 30. They also got married at one the poshest locations in LA. The Four Seasons at Beverly Hills off Doheny. The weather was incredible that January weekend, it felt like an Indian Summer, considering that it rained like crazy the weekend before and the weekend after.... This was our 3rd time working at the Four Seasons Beverly Hills off Doheny within the last 5 years.

It's amazing how there is 6 degrees of separation in life. I get to the wedding, I find out the groom is the cousin of my wife's good friend. If I knew beforehand, I would have probably given him a break. But on the same token, it is the Four Seasons Beverly Hills....nahaaaaa

The wedding was a small intimate affair with beautiful flowers, minimal amount of lighting, light jazz music and incredible cuisine. For their name projection, they had one of the wildest designs that we came up with.

For this wedding, I had a chance to work with Raymond and Joyce. If you recall, we did their wedding last June. Enjoy the wedding trailer and we welcome your ideas and suggestions.

jasmine * hao | a 90210 wedding from rayjoyce on Vimeo.

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