Apr 1, 2010

March in a Brief Summary

March came and gone in a blink of an eye. Please enjoy many amateur and unedited pictures I was able to get. We had a chance to do many colorful events at different locations. We made our annual trip to Turnip Rose Newport Beach, Pasadena Westin, and Pasadena Sheraton. We did our first event ever at Union Station. My second time back time at Lindley Scott House in 5 years. And the always home away from home: Pacific Palms Resort.

Will try to get professional pictures down the road and will update with complete stories with many awesome vendors that helped and guided us. Stay tune for other beautiful weddings pictures, including: San Gabriel Hilton and a friend's sister in law's wedding at Castaway Burbank.

Order of Location: Pasadena Westin, Lindley Scott House, Pasadena Sheraton, Union Station, Turnip Rose & Pacific Palms Resort.

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