Aug 17, 2009

A vote of approval from a top notch makeup artist: Pacific Palms' Colonial Room

From: Kelly Zhang
To: Jack K Hou
Sent: Monday, August 17, 2009 6:04:09 PM
Subject: Re: Pacific Palms Brides in the House......

Hi Jack,
It was really nice meeting you yesterday! You did such a awesome job! My sis in law loved it!!! =)
Thank you!

Kelly Zhang
tel: 626.277.8649


Now to the actual wedding......hehehehe

We provided both dj & lighting on 8/16 at Pacific Palms' Colonial Room for Kelly's sister & brother in law, Amy & Glen. It was without a doubt, one of most eclectic events we ever encountered.....Yes, "Encountered". I guess the fact, most of the guests were in the fashion, music and makeup industry...You would expect an eclectic crowd....Seeing a female guest wearing a 5" stillito was an eye opener....heheh...Seeing some really funky hairstyles got me grooving to some B-52....

In terms of lighting, we pinlighted all the centerpieces, LED the Room and did a gobo name projection on the wall with couple of FX on the dancefloor.

The bride and groom exchanged their vows in front of their guests....followed by some live singing and piano performances....It was a fairly easy wedding for us, since they had their friends MC most of the night...

  • Leon Wang for filming the wedding
  • Amatuer pix provided by the guests

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