Aug 26, 2009

2010 Outdoor Pavilion Tent Weddings

2009 Summer is slowing coming to an end........Fortunately, we still have about 40 more gigs this year to work on....=). In this tough economy, we are just very fortunate to be working .......=).

I've started receiving many inquiries for outdoor and tent weddings for 2010. Many of the pictures the Brides & Grooms have emailed me for quotes (See below) look absolute awesome and doable on our part.........But one thing that needs to clarified, "Power Supply".

Many outdoor locations lack sufficient power for a "good volume" of decor lighting. Furthermore, with your dj, band and so on....You will absolutely need "generator/s".
  • Most small generators rent for about $100 each and you would need about 2 for a small wedding of 75 - 150 people
  • Most medium size generators go for about $150 - $200 generally need 2 for a medium size wedding about 150 - 300 people
  • Most large generators go for about $550 each....for about a 500 - 800 people up
  • Google "Generator Rental in LA" for local companies that provide such services..
  • PS.....inq about the quiet generators...not the ones you would find at ur local hardware stores....too noisy..=(

I sincere apologize if I did not credit you for the pictures....Most of these pictures were emailed to me for quotes.

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