Aug 19, 2009

Dress Code at an event: San Gabriel Hilton

So I come across a picture of myself on a 10' ladder.....hard at work (hardly working according my wife)and risking my life. The first thing come out my wife's mouth....."look, you are wearing white boxers and that is probably going to scar the little girl seating by the table for life"....hehehe......Maybe her mother enjoyed it from looking how her head is slightly

How do we dress at an event? My staff and I usually wear all black. Not the Rugby Team: All We show up in black shoes, black pants & black shirts. The reason why, we try not to stick out in any of the pictures.

Most of your professional vendors: photographers, coordinators, video-graphers, DJs and AV crew should be in black in order to minimize their noticeable presence in any of your pictures.

Big thanks to Norman & Susana for having us provide lighting on their big date.....=)

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