Aug 23, 2010

Annual Prilgrimage to Turmip Rose Costa Mesa, Newport Beach

We made our annual pilgrimage to Turnip Rose Costa Mesa, Newport Beach last weekend. Like anything good in life, consume or use it moderately and not in excess.....

Turnip Rose with other few unique architecture locations are places we don't frequent often, probably once a year. And the one time we are there, we absolutely enjoy our experience. The other unique architecture locations we visit annually but not often include: For Betty & Charlie's wedding. We provided dj sound & lighting services. We lid up the room in peach lighting. Enjoy clip:

For Yolanda & Victor's 2009 August wedding. We hooked up with complete dj sound for both reception and ceremony. We lid up the room using LED wash lights. (2nd Clip, courtesy of Joe of TTDs Wedding). Enjoy clip:

Victor and Yolanda Wedding Highlights at The Turnip Rose from Today's The Day Weddings on Vimeojavascript:void(0).

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  1. Those ceiling stars are awesome..did you do them?


  2. Cece,

    We did not do them. Those lights are built-in their ceiling....that is one cool feature at Turnip Rose..