Aug 13, 2010

A Langham Pasadena Wedding in the Georgian Room

We've done a quite a few number of events at the Langham Hotel Pasadena the past 12 months. The Georgian Ballroom in particular, brings a soft spot in my heart because I recall doing the last last wedding on a Sunday night in the Georgian Ballroom when it was still the Ritz Carlton Pasadena back in early 2008.

It was an absolute privilege providing Sean and Andrea a simple lighting setup.
I believe the color that we were going for was eggplant.....not sure if that is politically correct....hehe. I don't recall all the specifics because the wedding was last year. For this intimate wedding, we double pinned all the centerpieces and wash the perimeter of the room with egg-plant color uplights.

A big thanks to Ms
Isabel Gonzalez for providing me this poignant clip. Please visit her site for her beautiful work. A big thanks to Ms. Katie Tiffany for planning this beautiful event.

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  1. Hey Jack,

    What is the difference btw Egg plant & Purple?