Jul 15, 2010

To pin or not to pin? A Langham Pasadena wedding & Irvine Hyatt wedding comparison

Recently we did 2 beautiful weddings for 2 awesome couples. Each couple invested, I am sure, quite a bit on thier centerpieces. After seeing both wedding pictures, it is apparent how pinlights play such vital role in highlighting the centerpieces.

For the Langham Wedding (Pix 1), we pinlighted, in fact double pinlighted, all her floral arrangements and it really stood out in the picture. For the Irvine Hyatt (Pix 2), we did not pinlight any floral arrangements except the cake and the sweet heart table. The end result....the floral arrangements all got lost in the dark...

Pix 1

Pix 2

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  1. How many pinlights would you use for such a wedding? and if so, what is the color of the pinlights?


  2. Contact us @818-720-1709 to go further detail about your event.