Jul 22, 2010

A Night To Remember At The Montage Beverly Hills

I had the absolute privilege of doing a really beautiful wedding for George & Larissa last month. It was my first time working at the new Beverly Hills Montage. This was without a doubt one of the most vibrant, beautiful & colorful weddings I've ever done. Furthermore, it was a coming of 2 beautiful cultures: the Armenian and the Filipino.

It feels like every Persian, Armenia or Jewish wedding, they have their own version of Hava Nagil....lol. I should try to come up with a version for my Asian clients....lmao

We lid up all the centerpieces with pinlights, a custom name on the dance floor, complete stage light for a 12 piece band and surrounded the room with multiple gobos. During the setup and breaks, I got a chance to meet and speak to the band members of the 12-piece Leonard Neil Band.

Some really cool old school cats. They told me how they composed and worked with Earth Wind & Fire, Lionel Richie and Diana Ross. For the night, they played a really good blend of funk, disco and soul music....they even threw in BEP's tonight is goin be a good night.....lmao

A big thanks to Jim Kennedy for providing me with these stunning images. I've seen his work many times online and his albums at many upscale locations. Finally got a chance to meet him in person.......we are not worthy...=)

Last but not least, I want to express my a big thanks to Stephanie of Exquisite Events Specialists
. With her at the helm, everything was absolute flawless. Ladies, if you are looking for an awesome coordinator, please contact her. It is because of her planning & touch, that many weeks after this wedding, the wedding is still the talk of town among the Armenia and Filipino communities.

If you are interested in booking us for your next event. Please contact us @818-720-1709

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  1. Jack at TMMPRO rocks!! Because of great vendors like yourself that I'm able to create beautiful events like these :) Thank you!!

    Wedding Planner/Coordinator