Jul 30, 2009

Wedding Ceremony Setup at Universal Studio Hilton

We provide wedding ceremony sound or pa set with either our dj or lighting packages. The ceremony setup range from $150 - $250 depending on the size of your function & # of mics required. Some hotels already include it in their ceremony rental setup. Please consult with your location if it is needed

  • $150 for 30 - 75 people (1 speaker, 1 wireless mic, string quartet music & AV Tech)
  • $195 for 100 - 275 people (2 speakers, 2 wireless mics, string quartet music & AV Tech)
  • These prices are for ceremony locations on the same premise as of the Reception
  • If ceremony & reception is at different locations, please add an additional $100 for traveling, if timing is feasible..
  • $25 for an additional mic. We carry both Wireless Handheld & Lapel Mics
This particular trailer is a medium size ceremony at Universal Hilton's Sierra Garden. They had about 125 people, we provided string quartet music, 2 speakers & 1 mic. We generally start the music about 1/2 hour before the ceremony to set the mood

Trailer courtesy of Ben Cheng of BSC Productions at 818-667-8618

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