Jul 28, 2009

A Rare Lighting Event at Capital Seafood Resturant , Monteray Park

We had the privilege of providing both decor lighting & dj services for "Stephanie & David" at Capital Seafood Restaurant in Monteray Park. It was my second time doing lighting there and one of the few times we've ever done lighting at a restaurant. The other 3 restaurants that we've done lighting at: Mission 261, Prince Seafood & Cicada Restaurant. Just professional speaking, most restaurants unlike hotels, do not offer the privacy or the power capacity to handle the high Power-Amp demand . That is something, we need to pre-scout the location before agreeing to take on the gig

For this particular wedding, we did their name projection, couple of foilage effects on the dance floor and 2 follow spotlights.

For the dj part, I realize that doing a big restaurant can be a challenge when it comes to the audio part because of the compactness of the location and the low ceiling, We end bring 5 speakers to achieve surround sound even that still was hard because of the lack of real estate....

Credit goes to the bride, Stephanie, for transforming the location into an incredible and romantic venue with a combination of stylish fabric, floral arrangements, decor lighting, open bar & photo booth.

We wish this couple the best with everything =)


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