Dec 27, 2012

2012's Last Post

12 Most Popular + Noteworthy Information of 2012
  1. Most popular song played: Gangnam Style
  2. Most popular location for us: Tie Langham Pasadena Hotel + Pacific Palms Resort..
  3. Launch of our White Dance floor rental
  4. Launch of our White Lighting fixture
  5. 1st Time djin @Santa Barbara's 4 Seasons Resort 
  6. Djed the biggest wedding ever just under 700ppl
  7. Most popular planner we worked with for 2012: Yingka of Master Plans & Events Design
  8. 3 published weddings for 2012 (Aroos MagazineSerendipity + Ceremony Magazine)
  9. Record #s of out of state + abroad brides: 27: that booked us via email (3/Texas, 3/New York, 2/Boston, 4/Nor Col., 2/Washington DC, 2/Chicago, 1/Seattle, 1/Singapore, 3/China, 2/England, 1/Indonesia + 2/India)....
  10. Djed my 1st Same Sex Wedding....see thank you note
  11. Gave my 1st 10K wedding quote
  12. Record #s of DTLA weddings for us (Venue: Biltmore Millenium, Dorothy Chandler Pavailion, Disney Concert Hall, Majestic Halls, Vibiana, Park Plaza, Pinot Cafe, Double Tree LA, Omni Hotel + Japanese Museum).... Rejuvenation of Downtown venues!!!!!
Thank you and look forward to 2013

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