Dec 5, 2012

Biggest Wedding Ever for us@Pacific Palms Resort

Email from the groom, 2 days after his wedding!

"Jack!!! Your lighting, dance floor, monogram, professionalism, and spinning skills made the night amazing!! It was off the hook and there were tons and tons of compliments. I believe you've set the new standard for what can be done at that ballroom. Thank you so much again for making our wedding so successful and beautiful!!!


Kevin & Lulu Cheng "

We were extremley privileged to dj/mc & provide production services (lighting, dance floor + audio/visual) for Kevin & Lulu's 600+ guest wedding @Pacific Palms Resort ,City of Industry. When every said and done. With the band, vendors and all the servers. I think it was easily 700 ppl in the ballroom...

It wasn't just a lighting setup. It was a lighting show synchronozied with their dances, performances and speeches. We pretty went all out for her with a seamless lavender wash...

Bumped into vendor-friends, past clients and future clients @this wedding....

  • Kevin's father (Mr Raymond Cheng) for his technical + professional input for the lighting-production setup...
  • Caroline Cha of Serenity Events for the cordination
  • Staff of Pacific Palms Resort
  • Jason of Cloud 9 Cinematography for the Film
Best to Kevin + Lulu!

Lulu + Kevin Highlight from Cloud 9 Cinematography on Vimeo.

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