Feb 1, 2010

Event Lighting for First Time Brides & Grooms

2010 is in full swing for us. We've done and will be doing some great locations. On the same token, some of my brides are baffled and bewildered by my quotes...

These are some of the pictures we've received from you.......and to archive something like this... you are easily looking into the $2.5K - $4K Range. These images were found on MDS Images.

To get any of these 4 looks, we will easily use up to 100 units of lights, numerous trusses, rigging, tons of cable and programming software. These are not simple lighting like many of my previous events. These lighting events require extensive amount of design time and collaboration with your florist and event designers.

On the contrary, the 3 pictures below are lighting events we've done in the past. You can probably see the difference in terms of intricacy and detail compared the 4 above pictures. These type of lighting events are generally in the $1K - $2K Range. Most all these events required no collaboration with your florists or fabric personnel..Put it in plain simple "English". The pictures above are Event Lighting 303 and the pictures below are Event Lighting 101.....

How we charge for Decor Lighting for your event
  • Amount of Equipment utilized
  • Complexity of the event
  • Amount of Design Time..using Cad and Mockups
  • Programming Intelligent Lights
  • Time spend with your florist, fabric and event designer
  • Amount of time in consultation with you
  • Delivery (Labor) and strike time

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