Apr 28, 2013

Production Setup @Costa Mesa Westin Wedding

Bryon and Kristine hired us via phone from Arizona for their 165ppl wedding @Costa Mesa Westin. I did his sister 2 years ago @Pasadena. Everything/consultation/design was done/accomplished based on 2 phone calls and less than 10 Emails...They based their wedding on this wedding I did about 4 years ago..

We were able to draper, lid and provide rental services (White dance floor + chiavaris) for their awesome wedding

  • Martha of Costa Mesa Westin
  • Jisun @Serenity Events

Thank you and we welcome your ideas and suggestions. We offer progressive fun DJ/MC,  Audio/Visual, High End Lighting, Chiavari Chiars, White/Custom Design Dance Floor and Drapery Rental....

Pls visit us @www.tmmpro.com 

Contact us @818-720-1709

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