Oct 25, 2012

A Production Event @Le Canada Flintridge Country Club (LCFCC)

I thought it was an ad for LCFCC...A recent production event @LCFCC for 130 guests with a 17 pcs band + DJ...hahaha.

Congrats to James + May....Thank you for putting your in faith in us and thank you for hiring me after a 15 minute walkthru n interview...

Kudos to my boys for transforming the room in less than 1 hour using our chivaris, white dance floor, fabric + lighting...

Big thanks
  • Planner: Yingka of Master Plans Events 
  • MUA: Grace Lin 
  • Clip: Pixel Film Studios
  • Miki of LCFCC
Clip: Pixel Film Studios
La Canada Flintridge Country Club - Pasadena Wedding - Pixel FIlm Studios from Pixel Film Studios on Vimeo.

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