Sep 23, 2012

Different Colors the last 12 months: Not just your Purple or Magenta-Pink!!

The last 12 months, we've doing some really different and unique colors...seems like most companies are just doing Pink, Magenta + Purple...

We've doing some really unique + elegant colors with our client's leap of faith n our large inventory selection..

Order of Location
  • Pic 1: Langham Pasadena with Amber/Gold
  • Pic 2: Langham Pasadena with Icy White
  • Pic 3: Nixon Library with Scarlet Red
  • Pic 4: Nixon Library with Lime Green
  • Pic 5: Vibiana With Teal Blue
  • Pic 6:   Langham Pasadena with Blush Pink

Pic 1 Vivian Lin Photography

Pic 2

Pic 3

Pic 4

Pic 5

Pic 6 by Jay Hsiang Photography

Thank you and we welcome your ideas and suggestions. We offer progressive fun DJ/MC,  Audio/Visual, High End Lighting, Chivari Chiars, White Dance Floor and Drapery Rental....

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