Jul 30, 2012

Recent Production Recap: Color + Production Schemes

Recent Recap: Production setups @Varies Venues...Each event requested specific lighitng color scheme to accomedate the chair colors and dance floor...

Order of Location + Color Scheme

  • Pic 1: HB Hyatt: White, Blue and Silver color scheme with our blue lighting,  silver chivaris and white dance floor...
  • Pic 2: Marina Del Rey Marriott: Lavender and Gold Color Scheme: with our Lavender/Gold Lighting + Gold Chivaris...
  • Pic 3: Seal Beach's Old Ranch Country Club: Gold and Oak Scheme with our gold lighting and mahogany Chivaris
  • Pic 4: Sheraton Universal: White and Silver: Purple Lighting and our silver chivaris were used to enhance the room
  • Pic 5: (Courtesy of Lin + Jirsa): Costa Mesa Hilton: Blush Pink and White: White drapery were used to cover all the blemishs in the room. Blush Pink lighting and other eclectic amount of lighting were used in conjunction with our white dance floor and production setup to further make the room as clean n white as possible.
Pic 1

Pic 2

Pic 3

Pic 4

Pic 5

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