Dec 27, 2010

Boxer Day at Ritz Carlton Dana Point

We finished the Christmas weekend with an absoulte beautiful wedding at Ritz Carlton Dana Point for Charlie and John. We've been to Ritz Carlton on a few occassions but this was our very first time in the Main Ballroom (Salon Ballroom 1 - 4).

For this 20 table wedding, I had the absolute plasure to DJ/MC and light up the room. A big thanks to Jennifer Yamauchi for referring and planning this awesome event. For this wedding, the bride changed about 3- 4 times: her Chinese Chi Pao back to her wedding dress and then her Korean Hanboks and wedding dress.....Jenny kept everything on time and flawless... It was also good to meet up my friend, Linda Vuong of LV Floral...

Happy holidays and best for 2011...

Enjoy the SDE by Rainbow Fish. Enjoy the Raw footage by me

Charlie+John // A Princess and Mario Same Day Edit from RainbowFish on Vimeo.

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