Sep 6, 2010

Annual Pilgrimage to Mission Inn, Riverside

We made our annual trip to Mission Inn, Riverside over the weekend. We had the absoulte honor of doing Linda & Joel's wedding. We come out here about once annually. This place is absolutely stunning vintage location...

The Music Ballroom at Mission Inn is a vintage old wooden ballroom. Similar to that of Park Plaza, Biltmore Millennium and Langham Hotel. We lid up the room and hope we did the room justice. Got to chance to work with the ladies of Fleuretica. Awesome floral arrangements like always.

Enjoy the clip and we welcome your suggestions and ideas.


  1. What a beautiful classic location. Only If I can afford this place...

  2. What a lovely event! Nice work Jack. I see you come a long way since you did my wedding back in 2004. I guess my sister will have all the fancy goodies...

    Luke & Anna

  3. What do you charge for something like this