May 20, 2010

Last 4 Weddings at the Summit House Fullerton

Summit House is undoubtedly one of my favorite locations. The place offers awesome food with hospitable services. We did about 4 weddings at that venue the last 2 years.

The last 2 being Annie & Tommy back in April and Jeni & Chris back in February respectively. For Annie & Tommy's wedding, we djed and lid up the room with good volume of lighting, please see Pix 1. (For complete story, please see
Chris Seid's blog)

For Jeni and Chris' wedding back in February, we simply djed and did not use any decor lighting, That is what Summit House look like from the outside without any decor lighting. I am sure the difference is apparent. (See Pix 2)
Pix 1
Pix 2

For Nick and Gloria's wedding back in 2008, we lid up the room with good volume of lighting, See pix 3
. For Keith and Jocelyn's wedding, no decor lighting were used, see pix 4.

Pix 3

Pix 4
Shout out to my boys, Marco and Vladmire over at Summit House.

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  1. I want to take a moment to say what an awesome, hard working and creative lighting designer Jack is. Not only does his decorative lighting transform the ambiance of any room but it also transforms my clients wedding films. The mood created by the lighting work turns a good looking image into a spectacular looking image. Props to you Jack!

    Joe at TTDW