Jun 8, 2009

Shutters on the Beach Wedding

I see a trend........I've been and will be at Santa Monica every odd month of this year...January, March, May and upcoming July and September....lol

It was a rare occassion for me to horn my craft at The Shutters on the Beach, having worked at Hotel Casa Del Mar on a few occassions. On this night, the staff photographer from The Shutters decides to take pictures of my lighting setup and apparently it will be loaded onto their site for visual....if you see it....it is my work...hehehe

Note: future Shutter Brides & Grooms....Pinlights and uplights are strongly reccomended........foilage effect on the dance floor......not reccomended....Ceiling is simply way too low.

Once again, we are very grateful for the opportunity to provide our dj and lighting services and also AV assistance for Alex and Diane. The Shutters is a great location and great atmosphere.... A slight mishap on my part with the grand entrance....I guess I was too anxious to introduce the Bridal Couple and forgot the best man & maid of honor. Trust me, that won't happen at Alex's sister's wedding...hehehehe

For lighting, we used LED and pinlighted every table.....Alex and Diane agreed on Lagoon Blue LED uplights but since they paid for LED. I decided to spice it up and changed the color of the room periodically.....That explains the pinkish-reddish background in one of the pictures....."variety is the spice of life".....
We wish Alex and Diane the best and will see them at his sister's upcoming wedding.....

On the side note, for my vendor friends.....be careful of Santa Monica Parking enforcement. They show no mercy....;-( 2 parking tickets this year both at Santa Monica. One at Hotel Casa Del Mar and the second at the Shutters.....Don't unload or load from the curb....even if you think you will be quick. Pull in the loading dock.....Avoid trailers period.....use cargo vans or trucks...hehehe

  • A big thanks to Sam Lim of Sam Lim Studio for these awesome shots
  • Jay Joo of 29Frame for shooting the wedding

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